The perfect wedding hair = effortless beauty

sg bride

There are many reasons I adore my craft. One of them is being able to provide beauty, ease & confidence to my brides, on what could possibly be, a stressful day. There are so many decisions that go into making an ideal wedding day come together. Your hair and makeup are one of those. I love to have a open dialogue with my brides about their “vision” of the day. From these conversations I come up with ideas and we collaborate to get everything just right. I take all aspects into consideration. What is the venue? What will the weather be that day? What is the neckline of the dress? What jewelry will she choose?  I could go on and on and on…and I do. Which is why there is no room for error.

But foremost, my goal is to make my brides have effortless beauty. We all feel our most beautiful when we are happy, There is not a thought in your mind beyond the moment, On your wedding day, that is where you should be. In the moment. Not worrying about how you look. A lot of talented people can do gorgeous hair & makeup. I am one of them. Aside from that, I make sure that your natural radiance will shine above all else. This is what I provide for my brides.